Tropical Leaves

daniel is excited to announce he has resumed his therapy practice as an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist and is now accepting new clients. daniel's practice will focus on the LGBTQIA+ community, those with intersectional and complex identities, los/las que hablen español, and those seeking to explore and understand their masculinity, regardless of gender.

daniel is a queer, transgender, multi-ethnic man living in Oakland, California, curious about what it means to be a

man in the year 2020 and beyond. if you are interested in Daniel's startup endeavor, QueerPsych, please contact him at

meet daniel ~ he/him/su


teacher by day,

therapist by night,

equity is his song,

gender inclusivity,

his right.

daniel is an Oakland based writer, therapist, teacher, activist, and ecopoet. trained in clinical psychology, daniel is deeply passionate about LGBTQIA+ mental health, well-being, and livelihood.


daniel survived a lot in their years in the closet(s) and he is committed to spreading awareness through the written and spoken word about the issues facing gender non-conforming folks, non-binary humans, and transgender folks. with an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a therapist by training, daniel is deeply committed to understanding humans and the struggles they go through. 


daniel's creative nonfiction has been published in Animal, a Beast of a Literary Magazine, Our Human FamilyBeyond Words Magazine, The Los Angeles Press, and more. daniel has worked as a Freelance Editor at Psychology Today and there, he was the author of a blog, 'Queering Psychology."

daniel is currently available for copywriting, editing, poetry slamming, storytelling, public speaking, as well as transgender issues and diversity and inclusion. he is currently accepting clients in his private practice an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, supervised by Julio Lagos of Uni Health.