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Wellness Spec Article & Email -

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Sample research article, maximized for SEO.

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Sample copy for email, new product release.

Limited Edition Flores Print Launch

Oversaw creative direction of influencer photo shoot in Palm Springs and curated social media launch.


Product Launches & Campaigns

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Collaborated with creative department to select photo for product launch. Wrote campaign tagline, "Hello Baby, Hello Kitty."

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Took photo (via iPhone X), wrote caption, and curated Influencer content for Metro Stroller Launch.

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Worked with influencers to make requests for content needs and created social media campaigns

Instagram Captions & Memes 

Wrote and edited all copy.

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Product Features & Blogs (Ergobaby)

Wrote and edited all copy.

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Instagram Feed Layouts (Ergobaby)

Designed and curated feed, including captions.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.26.57 PM.png (2018).

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IGTV Creative Direction & Video Production

Produced and partially filmed episodic video series using iPhone X.

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Author, Blog

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Human Garage (2017)

Founded the blog and digital presence for a Los Angeles-based wellness startup. Wrote copy.

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Wrote this blog post & provided creative vision for image. 

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Wrote blog post, conducted interview, edited and formatted post, and took photograph.

Human Garage (2017)

Produced video and provided creative direction. 

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Elephant Journal, (2016-2017)


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