Do You Remember Your First Pair?

This is a spec blog post for 7 For All Mankind and a possible social media campaign idea.

I was 18-years-old when my mom bought me my first pair of seven jeans. It was a special moment: she took me out to downtown Seattle to the flagship Nordstrom store. I was headed three thousand miles across the country to start my freshman year at New York University and she helped me buy my first ‘big girl jeans.’

I remember spotting my perfect pair from across the aisle. Their back pocket, bedazzled with four simple gemstones and the classic diagonal stitching pattern known to 7 For All Mankind. I remember running to my mom excitedly: “Mom can I try these?”

“Those are cute, but are you sure about the gemstones?” She looked at me, skeptically.

“Yes!” I insisted.

I slipped into my first pair, their softness unforgettable and their length, perfect. I’m from a long legged family of women. Jean shopping can be cumbersome; but this fit was spot on.

And so it went, I officially had my first pair of 7 jeans and off I went to college in New York City. I remember wearing them every single day of college orientation at NYU.

I remember the compliments: “I like your pockets, Whit. Are those sevens?”

“They sure are,” I’d retort.

I had a lot of jeans, but I will never forget my 7s. I remember pairing them with the perfect pair of shoes, my first job in high school at my mother’s shoe and accessory boutique in Seattle. She owned this boutique for these past fifteen years before retirement. I chose snappy red leather wedges, reminiscent of Dorothy’s red slippers. There’s nothing like a splash of red to accompany a favorite pair of blue jeans.

Those jeans followed me through all of college and then some. I remember sadly the day one of the sparkly blue stones fell off. That was a tragic day. I can’t recall where or how but eventually I lost that pair. Maybe a roommate accidentally snagged them or they ended up in the wrong donation pile. I like to think they still have a good home; I know 7 stands the test of time.

The other day, I thrifted the perfect pair of 7s in my neighborhood Atwater Village. There were no gemstones on these, but from their soft texture I knew these were the real deal. Slightly looser than my preference from my younger days, I excitedly tried on a new leather belt and a belt buckle with them. I looked in the mirror and saw myself.

What is it about a pair of jeans that can make us just feel ‘right?’ There's power in a pair of jeans.

As I felt the soft denim on my skin, I suddenly was transported. It brought me back to that first moment fourteen years ago, where I stood in the dressing room of Nordstrom and bought my first pair of sevens. I’ll never forget it. I’ve tried many jeans since then, but these 7 jeans were soft as ever.

I wondered to myself: what woman wore these before me?

I remember my first pair of 7 jeans vividly and I’m curious: do you? I have a hunch I’m not the only woman who remembers her first pair of seven jeans. We all have a story to tell; so do our jeans.

If you're a fashion brand reading this and have made it this far, I would love an opportunity to talk more and see if we are a fit. If we’re lucky, maybe we can even fit as well as that pair of jeans I bought in 2005 with my mom in Nordstrom.

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