Breathe, Mellow Yellow is Here 😌 💛

This is a spec email sample on Your Super's new Yellow Mellow Mix.

Hi! This is Whitney here.

Have you seen our new Mellow Yellow Mix? We created this delicious turmeric filled mix due to popular demand.

I became turmeric obsessed on my journey healing from Lyme Disease. Bogged down by piles of supplements I had to take everyday, I needed new and interesting ways to incorporate turmeric into my diet.

I wish that I had had Mellow Yellow Mix then.

What is Mellow Yellow Mix?

You asked for something to help wind down at night, relieve anxiety, and help calm before sleep. That's why we created a powder packed full of the health benefits of turmeric, ginger, Ashwaganda, cinnamon, Lucuma, and pepper.

Three quick benefits of our Mellow Yellow Mix:

#1 - Improve your sleep

Develop an evening ritual with a warm and soothing ginger and turmeric based beverage.

#2 - Reduce inflammation

Turmeric is a powerful and all natural anti-inflammatory agent.

#3 - Fight Cancer

There is no match for curcumin's anti-cancer properties!

Ok so now you know it's good for you but what comes next?

Here are three easy ways to incorporate it into your daily routine, morning, noon, or night:

#1 - Make a Golden Milk Latte without the hassle.

As always, we've taken out the hassle of mixing numerous ingredients and done the heavy lifting for you.

To wind down at night, warm your favorite nut milk and stir in one scoop of Mellow Yellow Powder.

Added ingredients you might like to try: add a scoop of coconut oil for healthy fat throughout the day or in lieu of nut milk, try a bag of simple ginger tea to calm your nervous system in the evening.

Voila! Tailor your Golden Milk Latte for any time of day.

Whit's Tip: Practice taking three deep, slow breaths in as you drink this warm, soothing, and anxiety relieving beverage for a meditative, calming experience before bed.

#2 - Make Your Oatmeal Golden

Try adding a spoonful of Mellow Yellow into your morning oats.

Whit's tip: top with superfood blueberries for an added antioxidant punch.

#3 - Need an afternoon snack?

Try mixing a spoonful of Mellow Yellow Mix into your hummus! Yes, your hummus.

Whit's tip: Cucumber or beet chips might pair nicely with Mellow Yellow hummus dip.

Have a recipe idea for your Mellow Yellow Mix that we missed? We'd love to hear about it.

Tag us with #yellowmellowmix and tell us about your routine. The possibilities are endless with this powerful mix!

As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest product releases, health hacks, and recipe ideas.

Here's to a deep breath in and a mellow night's sleep,


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