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Alex Quinn



My name is Alex Quinn, and I am a white, queer therapist living in Houston, TX. I see therapy as a collaborative effort. Two humans with different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and beliefs work together to establish a direction for therapy that aligns with the client’s goals and evolving needs. When working with clients, I use a trauma-informed, feminist, Gestalt approach. Meaning, we check in with and learn from feelings, sensations, behaviors and images that arise in the client’s body as we process through thoughts, memories, and interpersonal interactions. Furthermore, I firmly believe that how we feel and act is deeply affected by the systems we live in. Consequently, I encourage discussion around the social, cultural, and political pressures faced by clients.

At the beginning of my career, I spent two and a half years providing care at The Menninger Clinic, specifically in the Pathfinder Unit. There, I worked closely with young adults facing a range of mental health challenges, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, trauma, addiction, and personality disorders. After leaving Menninger, I worked as a therapist in an eating disorder clinic, providing care for adolescents and young adults struggling with restriction, bingeing, purging, and avoidant eating patterns. I currently work in private practice, specializing in individual and family therapy for those navigating their gender and sexual identities while also maneuvering the unique challenges faced by the queer community. This includes trauma, grief, political stress, relational conflict, sexual health, and gender-affirming care.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy a range of hobbies and interests that keep me focused and grounded. I like playing video games and board games, reading books and fanfiction, brewing and savoring different coffees, playing guitar (poorly), collecting rocks, and watching anime with my wife and our 3 beloved kitties.


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LPC-Associate under the supervision of Candice Holloway, LPC-S (#73866)






Gender Identity & Gender-Affirming Care
Sexual Identity
Intergenerational Trauma
Relational Conflict


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