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Alex Vaughan



Hi! I am a they/them mom and wife alongside my wife, Kim, to our 4 kids, 2 dogs and a baby kitten. While watching my mom do 80s aerobics in our living room as a kid, I fostered a love for movement and fitness and moved on to receive my bachelor’s of science from The Ohio State University in exercise science and leisure management. I was an athlete on the varsity rowing team and began to perform as a drag king which ultimately became the catalyst for my gender transition years later. For over 25 years, I have worked clients as a certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor and a certified health/wellness/life coach.

I am a parent to a transgender child and have navigated the family court system, walking alongside my daughter for her basic human rights to lead her most authentic life, removing roadblocks and barriers that were thrown at us. I approach life from the belief that people are their own experts in their lives; I am a witness, a guide, an extra set of eyes and ears to support a widening of the lens. I coach through an anti-oppressive framework; dismantling sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and queerphobia. Working with me you’ll learn unlearn patterns that hold you back so you may live a more free, authentic, life full of love. When one person transitions, everyone transitions.

I love to dance and teach kickboxing, lift heavy things, eat sushi and flourless chocolate cake. You can catch me riding a scooter around the neighborhood with my kids and avoiding the pool at all costs. I also would have holiday lights up in my house all year round if I could.


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Strength training (endurance, cardiovascular, building muscle, injury prevention and functional fitness)
Health/wellness coaching
Understanding queerness/queer identity as energy and health
Supporting the process of a gender transition (adult/child)
Gender identity
Transgender/Gender nonconforming parenting
Parenting a transgender child
Transitioning mid-life


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