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Anna Clark Miller


Clark Miller

I’m a licensed therapist who loves working with clients who, like me, are queer, neurodivergent, cross-cultural, or just looking for a place to feel safe and understood. I offer virtual counseling through my private practice, Empathy Paradigm Therapy, for individuals and couples/pollys who live in Texas and Washington.

I specialize in recovery from religious trauma, spiritual abuse, cults, and other high-control groups. You can buy my book, The Religious Trauma Survival Guide, on Amazon. In addition to my work as a therapist and author, I offer consultation, clinical supervision, and training for mental health professionals.

My goal as a therapist is to be empathetic, transparent, and non-judgmental. The top values that inform my work are inclusivity, autonomy, compassion, and a belief in our capacity to grow. I certainly don’t see myself as an expert on how to live life. If we work together, I’ll do my best to listen with curiosity and support you on your healing journey without causing any hurt, shame, or exploitation.


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Additional Locations Served

Texas, Washington




Licensed Professional Counselor






Religious trauma, spiritual abuse, cult recovery, neurodivergence


I don’t take insurance but can offer resources on how to submit out-of-network reimbursement claims to your insurance company.
My private pay rates are $150 for individual sessions and $175 for relationships/couples.

License Number

LMHC (WA): LH61328702, LPC (TX): 75728

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