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Dylan Bandy



I am a white, queer, trans non-binary provider with a working-class background, and I offer telehealth sessions to adult individuals and dyads/triads who live in WA state.

In our work together, you are the expert on you. Therapy moves at your pace and is guided by your needs and desires. I hold compassionate space to explore anxieties, disappointments, and to reflect on possible areas of change.

I offer sex-positive, fat-positive, anti-racist, gender-affirming, kink- & poly-affirming, and strengths-based therapy. My role as a therapist is one of non-judgemental curiosity, and also: I will hold you accountable to yourself and what you want out of therapy.

My therapeutic approach is Attachment-oriented, Somatic, and based in Liberation Psychology. This means that therapy centers your lived experience and personal history. I offer ways to explore bodily sensations, emotional states, triggers, and grounding techniques to source you within your body in a trauma-informed way. I also discuss the impacts of systems on your daily life (medical systems, work, school, social circles), and try to find useful ways to navigate those systems or simply cope within them. With couples and polycules, I use Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Institute techniques to bring awareness to relational dynamics and to offer ways to re-balance the relationship(s).

I am a graduate of Antioch University Seattle and have an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and I completed my internship at Queer City Therapy in Buffalo, NY where I specialized in working with couples navigating ethical non-monogamy and working with queer and trans adults in processing trauma and cultivating self-compassion.


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As a queer and trans non-binary person, I specialize in working with various intersections of gender-expansive community. I specialize in working with folks navigating their gender identity or sexual orientation, navigating accommodations and acceptance with their bodies or contexts, and I specialize in working with mixed-orientation couples, ethically non-monogamous people and polycules, polyamorous families, and with queer folks in general.


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