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Eric Sullivan



I’m a proud gay person who helps LGBTQ+ people level up their mental health. I have a graduate degree in LGBT Psychology from the only program of its kind in the country, received my clinical training from the world’s largest provider of LGBT programs and services, the Los Angeles LGBT Center, and for over 12 years, I’ve directly counseled hundreds of Queer people.

You’re tired of feeling stuck and are over day-dreaming about how things could be better for you without any actual progress. You value therapy as an essential part of your self-care (same here – I love my therapist) and are here for the built-in support and accountability. You’re ready to push past fear and take action because you know you have the power to create an amazing life, and I can help you get there. Having directly counseled hundreds of Queer people, I’m forever on a mission to elevate our community, and I want to partner with you next!

I will help you clarify your goals, teach techniques to quiet the worries that hold you back, and encourage you to go for the things you are so worthy of. We’ll also work through stuff from your past, celebrate your wins, and reduce your stress so you can feel lighter and channel your energy toward things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

The hardest part is taking the first step, but you are worthy of investing in yourself. And something tells me you’re awesome, so I’d love to meet you. Getting started is a breeze. Schedule your free consultation at today so we can meet and see if I’m a good fit to support your mental health glow-up. Let’s do this!


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queer-affirmative therapy
navigating coming out
gender transition
referral for gender-affirming services
reducing anxiety
improving mood
achieving goals


I’m in-network with Lyra Health only. For all other insurance providers, you’ll pay the full fee on each session date, and I provide billing statements that you can submit to your insurance provider for out-of-network reimbursement.

License Number

SC 6510; CA 93601

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