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George Goldston



BIO: George Goldston sees adults 20 and over in individual and couples therapy. His care is focused on treating traits of ADHD, anxiety, communication struggles, relationship issues, and LGBTQIA+ issues using multifaceted approaches tailored to your unique traits and experiences.

What was your path to becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist?
I originally worked in filmmaking and, through interviewing people, became curious about how I could help. I’ve always been told I listen with a calm presence that puts others at ease. I knew becoming a therapist would be my next adventure. I have completed additional therapist training in intercultural communication, healthy relationship techniques, and LGBTQ+ competence, and I am currently completing my ADHD-certified services provider certificate. I have ADHD myself and found it life-changing to get the medications and tools that helped me live life thriving in many new ways; I want this for you too!

What should someone know about working with you?
My therapy process looks like the following: Getting an understanding of how your unique combination of ADHD traits impacts your life, setting realistic and attainable goals, giving space for you to process your experiences and accept yourself, sharing tools and techniques to experiment with in between sessions, and celebrating progress toward the new you!

How do your own core values shape your approach to care?
I understand each person is a unique combination of small, shared experiences. Seeing myself and the people in my life acknowledge and celebrate differences as strengths inspires me to provide the same space for understanding with my clients. I do my best to give you the space to be you and celebrate that with you. My training in LGBTQ+ competence and intercultural communication helps support navigating those nuances alongside you. I am part of the LGBTQ+ community and in an intercultural relationship. So, I feel these values on a personal level and want to support you in your journey.

What makes therapy with me effective?
All the common factors research on successful therapy shows that, if you feel safe and click with your therapist, you are more likely to have better outcomes. It is important to me that you end up with the best fit for you. I take this very seriously and am comfortable talking about this throughout the therapy process.

Message to Ideal Client:
You can never seem to get on track. You’ve tried everything you can think of, from ideas from YouTube to suggestions from other people. The message you’re getting through life is to try harder. And just trying harder never seems to work. Whether you have ADHD or some of the traits attributed to it, trying harder isn’t going to work. What the well-meaning people who try to help don’t know is that you need to try something different. Each time you lose your keys, forget to turn off the stove, or get sidetracked and lose track of time, you roll your eyes at yourself. Not again!

You’ve been trying hard to stop doing these things – but you can’t. You feel angry at yourself and anyone who reminds you to do something you already know you can’t. You can’t keep up and forget things at home, work, or school. Each thought is like a fridge magnet. And as soon as you stick another magnet on the fridge, one of the previous magnets falls.

Whether it’s organization, keeping up with deadlines, being on time, or focusing on the task at hand, there are practical tools you can learn to support your focus on whatever it is you need to do. Imagine being able to get things done in a timely matter. Learning ADHD tools and techniques can be life-changing. Start building your confidence today!


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Additional Locations Served

Raleigh NC 27617, US




Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist






Primary Specialties: ADHD, ADHD-affected relationships, ADHD-induced anxiety, ADHD Diagnosis
Secondary Specialties: General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, LGBTQIA2+ Issues, Couples Therapy, Intercultural Communication, Stress, Self Esteem, Life Transitions


Out of pocket ($200 per couples 55-minute sessions; $150 per individual 55-minute session)
Insurances Taken: Aetna, Cigna, Optum (Optum includes United Healthcare, UMC, UHC)

License Number

OR: T1888; SC: 7903; NC: 10686; LF61330397

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