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Ikenna Lughna



I am a queer, ambiamorous, autistic therapist who offers a space for you to explore your beautiful, messy, authentic, imperfect self. And yes, that’s f***ing scary. The world is a judgmental place, so we’ve realized we have to be small to not be hurt. When we first meet, we’re essentially strangers, and if most humans are judgmental…and I’m a human (I think?), then it makes sense to have guards up the first few sessions. I have worked hard over the years to be authentic for my clients. This shows I can do more than simply talk the talk. I’ll make mistakes. I’ll usually catch the mistakes and hold myself accountable, but if you notice it before I do, then by all means! This is also a place to practice standing up for yourself. If you are unsure if we vibe, then I highly recommend scheduling a free 15-minute consult with me (find out how on my website linked below).

Beyond the therapy stuff, I like abstract art, LEGO, Dungeons and Dragons (Brennan Lee Mulligan and all of D20 are *chef’s kiss*), animals (pet parent to 4 cats and 1 dog), photography, video games (pixel art games like Children of Morta or Stardew are my faves, but I can get down with an FPS or MMORPG sometimes), board games (Wingspan is the obsession currently), philosophy/psychology (Tara Brach’s podcasts are all I listen to right now), music (I have some music released under the monicker “larkenna.”), books (slice of life books wreck me)…uhhh yeah that’ll do for now! I’m sure more will come up, plus my wife and I talk a lot on our Living LUNA podcast and Youtube channel, so you can learn more there.

You can find out more about me on these websites: and


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– ADHD/Autism
– Sexuality
– Gender
– Polyamory
– Parenting
– Self Esteem
– Anxiety/Depression
– Perfectionism


I don’t work directly with insurance, but if your insurance accepts superbills, I can provide those. Just contact your insurance and ask, since I don’t know the policies for each insurance provider.

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