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Jessee Lovegood



I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in CA (AMFT#121883). I am supervised by Dr. Sheila Addison (LMFT #49616). In my previous careers I’ve been a roboticist, teaching robots how to safely interact with humans, I’ve been a Sexual Assault Counselor, accompanying survivors through appointments and working with them on the crisis hotline. I have also worked as a medical advocate, helping people with chronic illnesses and disabilities navigate our complicated and difficult medical system. In 2019, I received my Master’s degree from John F. Kennedy University and in 2020 I received a graduate level certificate in Trauma Studies.

The through line in all of this work has been a passion and desire to help improve peoples’ circumstances in the world. In my work as a therapist, I strive to create a safe and open space where we can explore challenges, successes, goals, and the feelings around all of them. I work from positions of social and disability justice; Fat, Queer, and Trans Liberation, and from a Gender and Neuro-Affirming lens. I strive to decolonize and remove white supremacy from my practice, while acknowledging and understanding that the system is inherently white supremacist and oppressive. Most of all I value learning and growing as a lifelong practice.

Personally, I am a fat, queer, disabled/chronically ill, agender person who spends eir free time knitting, reading, and playing cozy video games. Bring your geeky fandom stories and video games and let’s chat about them!


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Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Ey/Em or They/Them




I specialize in working with queer and trans folks looking to explore their identities, who need letters of support, or to just find ways to live more authentically in this world. I also specialize in working with neurodivergent folks, people dealing with trauma and C-PTSD, and spoonies or folks living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. I remain COVID-Conscious and am here for working with folks who are still navigating a pandemic most feel has ended. I also am here for polycules of all sizes, family therapy, relationship therapy, etc. I also enjoy working with kinky and alt sex folks.
I see folks generally between the ages of 12-65 years old and only work via telehealth.

I also run two groups for queer/trans chronically ill/neurodivergent folks: one for teens and one for adults.


I do not accept insurance at this time, however I am able to offer a superbill for people with PPO insurance to file with their insurance companies for reimbursement.

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