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Jessica Bungart



I grew up in a rural area in the thumb of Michigan, an environment that taught me early on about the power of community and human connection. My formative years in nonprofit work deepened my understanding of communal support and the importance of community care. During my time at the nonprofit, I worked with survivors of crime and violence to ensure that all victims of crime, regardless of the nature of their victimization, have access to essential services and advocacy to aid in their recovery and to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. My time at the nonprofit instilled a passion in me for helping others help themselves, ultimately leading me to pursue a degree in counseling. My background merges nonprofit involvement, social justice advocacy, victim services, and licensed professional counseling together, allowing me to be a therapist that views my clients from a whole-person approach; looking at the past and present strengths, struggles, relationships, and communities that make them who they are. Somewhere along my educational and professional path I took on my own body acceptance journey, vowing to achieve peace with my Innate weight, shape, and size once and for all. I recognized that this was a struggle I didn’t bare alone, but one that so many people were battling all around me in the diet culture we live in – this ignited my strong desire to specialize in helping others escape the constant pursuit of weight loss, to finally find contentment with simply existing as their authentic selves. Drawing from my educational, professional, and personal strengths, I aim to foster healing, champion justice, and empower the individuals I work with. This multifaceted perspective enriches the therapeutic relationship, providing depth and understanding tailored to everyone’s experiences, while also acknowledging the broader contexts that shape their lives.

In my spare time you can find me: singing along at concerts, getting some fresh air, relaxing with my kids, enjoying delicious food or dealing a hand of cards. For me it’s all about the simple pleasures and having the right company to enjoy them with <3.


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