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Lance Madow



Are you afraid of making one mistake that ruins your whole life? Do you find yourself constantly tired and anxious? Unable to have fun no matter what you’re doing? Maybe you’re looking for a therapist who’s a dungeon master and watches anime? Then I’m your person.

My goal is to create a space where you can slow down and feel truly seen for every aspect of you. Together, we’ll build up your toolbox with skills so you can set boundaries with others and calm your compulsive thoughts. We’ll explore the habits you’ve been meaning to stop and create ways to manage your time better.

One way I enjoy connecting with clients is through media, video games, and other current geeky events – also known as Geek Therapy, where we use fantasy and play to work through what brings you to counseling. Depending on your passions, this can look like utilizing games, creating Dungeons & Dragons character sheets, watching your favorite tv show together or even showing up to a session in cosplay! We can bring your interests into the room to make therapy less scary and more empowering.

Counseling has been absolutely crucial to my own journey, while also opening my eyes to the lack of queer-affirming support that is out there. This inspired me to become a counselor who gives back to their own community, by creating brave and affirming spaces for LGBTQIA+ folx. I know how powerless and shameful it feels having to hide away parts of yourself to fit in with others and that is not necessary here. You can be yourself with me.


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Additional Locations Served

I offer in person sessions in the Atlanta area and can do virtual sessions for people living in Georgia and Florida


Online, In Person


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I am passionate about providing affirming care to geeky queer, trans, and gender-expansive individuals (13 years and older), and I specialize in folks experiencing OCD/anxiety, identity exploration, and life transitions, although I love to work with clients on a large variety of concerns. I have lots of experience working with depression, perfectionism, people-pleasing and trauma.


I do not accept any insurance at this time. I can offer reduced fee slots and I am partnered with Mentaya, a company that will work to get your out-of-network reimbursements for you!

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