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Liz Rhea



Thanks for being here, I’m Liz! I specialize in providing holistic and affirming care to queer, trans, and gender-expansive folks, as well as folks navigating religious trauma and faith deconstruction. I work with individuals (~16+ y.o.) and partners, including ethically non-monogamous partners and/or multiple partners, navigating trauma, life transitions, intimacy, and more. I’m a Licensed Master Social Worker under the supervision of Mick Rehrig, LCSW. I operate from a core belief: you are the expert of your own experience. I deeply value and appreciate your innate wisdom and enjoy utilizing a collaborative approach to therapy. I pull from holistic approaches to therapy, including attachment-based, emotion-focused, strengths-based, and trauma-focused, while employing a social justice, feminist, intersectional, and systemic framework. (TL;DR: I see you as a whole person with lived experience that informs who you are and how you operate through the world, including the systems (political, geographic, etc.) that you live within).

You can expect me to be laidback, direct, and welcoming; I tend to use a few swear words in therapy, if that works for you (if not, totally fine!). I value showing up as a human being in this space. My lived experiences include navigating religious trauma and deconstructing/recovering from conservative evangelicalism (including purity culture!), as well as exploring my own identity, and these experiences inform my work as a therapist and allow me to create braver spaces for my clients.


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Florida telehealth license – TPIC137


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My specialties include: religious trauma and complex trauma, life transitions, anxiety, ethical non-monogamy & polyamory, and I primarily work with queer and gender-expansive folks.


While I don’t accept insurance, I do offer negotiated rates when I’m able to, and grounded wellbeing partners with Mentaya, which helps streamline the process of out-of-network reimbursement, if eligible

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