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Lynda Martin



I have been a therapist for over ten years and love what I do. I also get bored easily so along with doing sessions I love to create content, pick up and disregard trendy hobbies, escape into a wonderfully terrible dark fantasy book, go on adventures with my 3 daughters, or send silly tiktoks to my long-distance best friend. Due to my own lived experiences and neuro-spice I like to try a lot of things out, the benefit is I know a bit about a lot and can usually quickly jump into a story and pick up themes and patterns that others don’t. The down-side I can be a little all over the place at times…but hey I’m not borning 🙂


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Additional Locations Served

Virtual Practice in New York State




Marriage & Family Therapist




Queer (straight presenting/assumed)


Eclectic relation-based work (depending on style I lean into EFT or RLT therapy with relationships. I also sprinkle in Gottman tools and Ester Perel’s theories into my work)
Somatic Work (combining what we know with what we feel) allows us to move through old patterns of jumping to the fight, flight, and freeze responses when they are not necessary for the situation. I.E. this email is not actually a threat to my life!)
Neuro-Spice Infusion (depending on how you learn and interact with the world therapy needs to be adjusted a bit here and there to meet your needs more effectively. We collaborate to figure out what combo of thinking, feeling, doing, talking, moving makes sense for you and your brain/body)


Aetna and United Healthcare (limited openings)

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