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Monique Valle



Social locations: 38yo, cisgender, biracial (Mexican & White), neurodivergent, bisexual woman

I am authentically me. I utilize humor and create a therapeutic experience that is as unique as you are, blending evidence based practices with a touch of creativity to meet your individual goals.


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California Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist






Are you a highly sensitive teen, young adult, or in a relationship interested in exploring your identity in a neurodivergent-affirming space? If you're on a quest to understand your distinct self, navigate the complexities of your relationships, & find your place in a diverse world, you've discovered a compassionate companion. My practice is a haven for those who experience the world intensely, offering a nurturing environment to explore & honor your sensitivities, & intricacies. Together we'll focus on building resilience, enhancing communication, & fostering authentic living, empowering you to embrace and celebrate your true self.

I specialize in counseling LGBTQ+, HSP, or neurodivergent teens, couples, & young adults, focusing on emotional understanding, identity exploration, & relational dynamics. My approach empowers clients through resilience, nervous system regulation, self-compassion, authentic communication, education, & creating space for personal growth & deeper connections.

Feeling overwhelmed or lost in your journey? Whether you're a LGBTQ+, HSP, teen, couple, or young adult facing challenges, you're not alone. I would love to help you navigate your inner world, teach you to heal, & allow yourself to grow. If you're motivated & curious to delve into your healing, I invite you to contact me for a phone consultation.


I do not take insurance directly due to the limitations placed on type and duration of treatment. However, for those with PPO plans, I can provide a monthly superbill for potential reimbursement (for individual therapy).

License Number

#124796 (Supervised by Dr. Mary Read, LMFT#25112)

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