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In partnership with trainers across the country, we offer a number of training courses on topics to improve your clinical skills and marketing courses to advance your private practice or online business.

Most of our courses consist of several videos and/or virtual Zoom meetings which are hosted by the subject matter experts of the course.

Continuing Education Credits and More

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The owner of Connective Therapy Collective, which specializes in treating marginalized identities including LGBTQIA2S+ all sex and gender-diverse clients, kinky or non-monogamous folks, sex workers, and sexual trauma survivors. They are a certified sex therapist, supervisor, and trainer.

Keely Helmick


Practice Owner, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist. Owner of Connective Therapy Collective.

Date & Time: TBD
CE Hours: 2 NBCC
Cost: $50
Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Gender timeline

Supporting Trans Clients Awareness Around Mental Health & Substance Abuse Patterns

In this training, mental health therapists will learn an intervention to use with transgender clients: the Gender Timeline. The Gender Timeline intervention will help clinicians discuss gender development, mental health patterns, and substance use patterns with their trans clients. During this training, clinicians will learn how to use the Gender Timeline with clients and clinicians will practice using the timeline.

Please note: This is a training led by trans people that affirms trans people. A gender-affirming counseling philosophy, commitment to correct pronoun usage (and openness to correction), and knowledge of basic queer and trans terms are required for this training. The Gender Timeline is an intervention developed by Dr. Paige Myers-Matthews of Crosswater Consulting.

Queer non-binary Licensed Professional Counselor, Consultant, and Trainer who has a PhD in Education and Leadership from Pacific University, where their dissertation research documented the exclusion of non-binary people from sex/drug-linked behavior curriculum, and investigated why non-binary people use drugs and alcohol for sex. As a mental health therapist, Dr. Myers-Matthews primarily conducts individual and group therapy with queer and trans teens and adults.

Dr. Paige Myers-Matthews


Licensed Professional Counselor, Consultant, and Trainer. Owner of Crosswater Consulting.

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