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by Kayla Bell-Consolver, MS, LMHC

Feb 1, 2024

Dear Little Black Queer Inner Child

Dear Little Black Queer Inner Child...

Dear Little Black Queer Inner Child,

You’ve never met someone queer that looks like you.

You’ve been told that you’ll go to hell for loving like you do.

I’ve kept you hidden in the shadows because of these fears.

Chained in mental prisons of shame, hiding back all my tears.

Especially when you heard the way they talk about being lesbian and gay,

Which reminded you of the ways you used to drop down and pray.

I hope you find rest in knowing that you were never the one in the wrong,

But rather beautiful and worthy all along.

From being Black to Being Queer,

Singing out love for all those to hear!

Dear Little Black Queer Inner Child

It’s time for the world to see you shine out loud.

Reflection Questions for “Dear Little Black Queer Inner Child

In my experience, I’ve worked with a variety of BIPOC queer clients that have not been permitted to notice, explore, or even bear witness to the burdens their inner child holds related to their sexuality and gender. If this poem connects with you, I encourage you to write your own. Here are some potential prompts:

  • How did your culture (race, religion, ethnicity, etc.) discuss race, sexuality, and gender?
  • What did you believe about your identity growing up? What were you told to believe?
  • Describe an encouraging role-model that is BIPOC and LGBTQ. What would they say to you when you were a child?
  • If you could go back in time, what would you want the child/teenage version of you to know about their identity?

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by Kayla Bell-Consolver, MS, LMHC

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